Initiates of the Hand

The city state of Drakhold is a thriving trading city and mercantile centre, a crossroads between the mountainous, resource-rich lands to the North, the skilled tradesmen of the Ancient South, and the wild frontier lands to the West. The resulting flow of influence and money means that anything goes: all kinds of people and creatures find their way to Drakhold. Anyone with possessions or services to provide are welcome in the city – including monstrous creatures not usually welcomed in the more civilized lands.

The city is as much famed for its brutalities as its opportunities. Laws, while strictly enforced, require that someone bear witness – and interested parties tend to avert their eyes and “not see anything”. This means that the strong and the smart band together and survive, while the weak and unwary tend to lose their money or their lives.

Your party has been recruited to work for the Blood Hand, an organization of sneaks and mercenaries which is interested in increasing its power in the region. You have been promised great reward… as long as you don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

Blood Hand